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Holiday Home in Hayle for large families and groups of friends

If you’ve got this far, you probably know about Hayle’s fabulous location in Cornwall, on the amazing north coast, close to the beaches on both coasts and nearby towns such as Penzance and St Ives, as well as a superb base to explore the dramatic Land’s End and Lizard peninsulas.

Trevassack House is set in its own grounds in the town of Hayle and retains the large rooms of its original Victorian layout, but with everything modern you’d expect to make your holiday memorable.

There’s 6 generous Bedrooms and 7 spacious rooms downstairs, including Reception and Conservatory.

Living rooms feature log burners, for cosy winter breaks, or warming up after a swim or surf.

The Garden and grounds are secluded and comfortable, affording fine views down across Hayle and to the hills of nearby St Ives.